Annual Report 2023

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our asset
diverse corporate culture

Step into the vibrant world of HUGO BOSS, where passion, dedication, and diversity unite to shape the future of fashion. We firmly believe that the passion and dedication of our global teams are vital for the successful execution of our “CLAIM 5” growth strategy. At the heart of our journey thus lies a deep commitment to empowering people and teams.

As an international company, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are fundamental elements of our corporate culture. Together, we're not just shaping trends – we're shaping a future where every individual feels recognized, heard, and empowered to thrive. Our strong global workforce unites powerful people from diverse backgrounds, each with unique talents and personalities, collaborating to fuel innovation and drive creativity. Embracing DE&I isn't just our goal – it's our strength.

At HUGO BOSS, our diverse team fuels our ambition to become a top 100 global brand. Together, we empower each other, embracing differences to reshape the future of fashion.

Daniel Grieder, CEO of HUGO BOSS












5 strategic pillars
of our de&i ambition

DE&I is at the heart of our journey to change fashion

Fully in line with our bold mission statement “We Love Fashion, We Change Fashion." our strong commitment to DE&I goes far beyond the impact of our own company, extending also to our business partners, our customers, and our communities. We recognize that embracing diversity enhances our creativity, strengthens our resilience, and fosters innovation, to drive long-term business success for HUGO BOSS.

To ensure the successful implementation of our DE&I ambition, we've established five strong pillars:

Five strategic pillars for DE&I (photo)
Our People:

Ensuring diverse representation at all levels across our teams.

Our Company:

Making everyone feel welcome, connected, and treated fairly.

Our Consumers:

Staying relevant to our diverse consumers around the globe, and further expanding our appeal to different groups.

Our Business Partners:

Embracing diverse business partners by providing them with opportunities to participate in our success.

Our Community:

Staying closely connected to our communities, giving back and celebrating diversity.

By embracing these five pillars, we're not only strengthening our own business but also championing diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry and society as a whole. At HUGO BOSS, DE&I is the cornerstone of our team’s success and our mission for a more equitable future, with our employees being crucial for driving this vision forward.

Our initiative
mix & match

Our commitment to DE&I is embodied in our vibrant MIX & MATCH initiative. Inspired by fashion, MIX & MATCH is all about blending different elements to create something great. Just as in our products, where various styles, colors and fabrics come together seamlessly, our approach to diversity embraces the combination of unique talents in our teams.

Driving change with our MIX&MATCH initiative

A woman in front of a screen in a tailoring department in Izmir (photo)


At HUGO BOSS, we are enhancing equal opportunities by empowering women in our teams. At our largest production site in Izmir, Turkey, our successful “Open Doors For Women” initiative provides targeted support for women who want to return to work, including dedicated vocational training regardless of educational background and skills. HUGO BOSS thus offers women an open door to shape their future and career goals according to their own ideas.

A large group of people celebrates Pride month (photo)


At HUGO BOSS, we stand together in our support for self-affirmation, dignity, and equality – for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Throughout the year, we foster belonging & respect to our employees through a range of initiatives, including the launch of our inspiring proud voices series, providing a platform for LGBTQIA+ employees to share their empowering stories. While we engage in numerous DE&I events and projects throughout the year, Pride Month presents the perfect opportunity for us to reflect and celebrate with even more enthusiasm.

A small group of people with various products on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (photo)


HUGO BOSS wants to enable an inclusive working environment for everyone. To raise awareness of people with d-abilities, we organized a dedicated experience day at our headquarters in 2023, providing an opportunity to explore and simulate various situations related to d-abilities. Furthermore, we also championed charitable efforts by promoting various products crafted by individuals with d-abilities, fostering inclusivity and support within our community.

Attracting the right talents
inspired by mix&match

To celebrate the power of diversity, we unveiled a brand-new employer branding campaign in 2023, inspired by MIX & MATCH. We are putting a spotlight on how individual skills, attitudes, and backgrounds are key in shaping the future of HUGO BOSS. Our goal is to inspire and attract top talents who are looking for an inclusive and dynamic work environment.

At HUGO BOSS, we remain committed to continuing to nurture a culture of collaboration and creativity also going forward, making sure that every voice is valued and heard.

Ultimately, the future success of HUGO BOSS and our unique brands, BOSS and HUGO, is being driven by our diverse and passionate teams.